Modern Classics!

The fashion trends that were all the rage the year you were born and still are

The very nature of fashion trends is to come and go.
Jumpsuits, for example, have gone in and out of style since the 70s, and overalls have made a comeback since becoming popular in the 90s. Despite this constant flux, there's always at least one trend that takes over the fashion world every year. From polka dots that were popular in the 1920s to the comeback of bell bottoms throughout the 2000s, here, we talk about the fashion trends that were all the rage the year you were born in and are flying high in the fashion world till date.

The headband is back and bigger than ever. Headbands, or some version of them, have been worn for centuries. The most notable iteration these days comes from the runways of big fashion designers, which have seen models strut down the catwalk in headbands in a variety of prints and colours. Some even covered with embellishments, like pearls and studs.

Also, with winters right around the corner, boot season is back! According to fashion experts, this coming winter season is going to be all about the combat boot. This tough shoe style became immensely popular in the 90s, and because everything old is new again, combat boots are having a major comeback moment right now. Brands are presenting their own take on the popular style, leaving you with plenty of options to choose from. So, go ahead and invest in a classic trend that is equal parts utilitarian and fashionable.

When talking about fashion comebacks, we can’t ignore one trend that has always managed to make a comeback and that too with a bang! That’s right, we’re talking about polka dots. Polka dots are a timeless trend, and can be worn on any occasion. A hit among celebrities in the late 70s-80s, the pattern is still a favourite among new-age actors. And with our celebs leading the way, how could the trend not have had made a comeback? And who else but fashionistas such as Sajal Aly, Iqra Aziz, Mawra Hocane, among others to bring back this classic style.

There's a reason the classics outdo all the others in terms of their sartorial staying power, and it has a lot to do with bohemian-inflected styles like luxurious suede and neutral earth tones. What does this mean in terms of denim? That, yes, retro flare jeans are making a decided comeback, making the classics more relevant than ever. 

For a while there, we were certain the wide-legged denim would never again see the light of day. But lately we've been seeing a handful of celebrities in bell-bottom jeans that have us reconsidering the denim. So, whether you're emotionally attached to your skinny jeans or have thought that the flare style never left, prepare to get on board with the retro revival.

• Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
• Hair & makeup: Adeel Sahir
• Designer: Mona Imran
• Photography & Styling: Yasser Sadiq
• Featuring: Anum Fayyaz