Mehwish Hayat TI

Just binge watched #EmilyinParis. A breath of fresh air. Please #netflix let there be a second season soon. Those who haven’t watched it yet... It’s highly recommended! Reminded me I must pick up my French lessons again. PS #LucasBravo is definitely my crush updated!

Ayeza Khan

From the very start, I have wanted to work with the beautiful and talented Mariyam Khawaja. Even at this point in my career, starring in one of her campaigns felt like a dream come true. Can't wait to work with you again, my love!

Haroon Rashid

Congratulations on tying the knot @IamSanaJaved and @umairjaswal!

Ushna Shah

Jokes aside, #BadBoyBillionaires makes one question how some humans can fall to such lows whilst living at such heights. How does one sleep soundly in their palaces whilst stealing from poor people. Not just India but everywhere. HOW?

Ahsan Khan

Can't believe the news that the media in this day and age in our neighbouring nation is making up stories of a war in #Karachi beyond a joke!