Sonya Hussyn starts her own YouTube channel


When the bright lights of the entertainment industry are calling your name, you would be forgiven for shunning platforms such as YouTube to work on big-budget, global productions. However, apparently this isn’t the case for certain celebrities, who are currently producing their own content for the social site. Despite being some of the most sought after names in the talent industry, A-listers are taking time to flex their creative muscles, creating videos that cover a range of topics from personal anecdotes to surprising side hobbies. Sonya Hussyn is yet another celebrity to join the long list of A-listers on YouTube. She recently uploaded a video on her social media, launching her YouTube channel. In her video, she said that, “I thought there should be something to connect directly with the audience and tell them what happens behind the scenes.” The video also shows BTS glimpses of her on-going drama Sarab. Not every superstar has what it takes to be YouTube famous – surprisingly enough – but let’s see if Sonya can make the jump into YouTube stardom.

Ahsan Khan and Fatima Ahsan turned into interior designers for their latest expedition

The couple together have started their interior design journey in the search to pursue what they actually love doing. The Udaari actor along with his LUMS graduate wife Fatima, have teamed up to transform spaces into aesthetically pleasing homes for this project-based interior design initiative named The WorkBench. Talking to a publication, Ahsan revealed how they together travelled to UK to take short courses on design. "We always had this inclination. Myself, I've done this eight years back also; it was not advanced, shared and obviously not shown because it was just for our close circle, but just for our interest, we would manage a little bit here and there," he said. The duo initially decorated spaces like farmhouses for their friends. "After doing that, we thought let's pursue this now. The two months of me not acting gave me time to really think about what we enjoyed doing together the most. And then our friends were also appreciative so we thought, why not?" He further added, "Fatima is super talented at really modern, cute, DIY hand-made things that she makes herself. For me, I'm more inclined towards the major work like wallpaper, colours and adding glamour, sort of the British furniture feel."