My seven year old son has started to vomit every time he drinks milk. I think he might be allergic to it. Please recommend any milk alternatives.

It's okay if he doesn't like milk much or if he's unable to digest it. You can give him yogurt, lentils, eggs and nuts instead.

I've had asthma since years but only recently people have started telling me about foods that an asthma patient should be eating like crabs. I want to know what should I eat for an asthma diet?

All vitamin D, beta carotene and magnesium rich foods are good for you. Have milk, eggs, carrots, pumpkin seeds etc.

My baby boy is teething and he won't eat anything and is getting really weak. Please recommend foods that would be healthy for him and that he would like to eat in his teething period.

Give him boiled vegetables, pureed meat, plain yogurt, frozen fruits, bananas and soft plums. These foods will soothe his gums and provide him proper nutrition.

What foods can help my face from breakouts? My face has red blemishes and pimples. I wonder if my diet is causing this?

Consult a dermatologist ASAP. And eat an antioxidant rich diet.

Hi, I would like to know if there is something I could concentrate on eating more of to help with my hair growth since I suffer from alopecia. Thanks!

Add zinc and selenium rich foods in diet. Include omega 3 rich foods as well.