Klay’s debut story collection, Redeployment, about the experiences of Americans fighting overseas, was one of the Book Review’s 10 best books of 2014. Now, he returns with his first novel, set in Colombia amid its long and bloody civil conflict. Phil Klay, a Marine veteran, explores in painstaking detail how people respond in extremis, while respecting that some experiences can’t be fully expressed.

Ten Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World

The CNN host Fareed Zakaria moves beyond the current questions and looks at the longer-term economic, medical and biological effects of the corona virus. Despite the grim circumstances, he finds reason for some optimism: “This ugly pandemic has created the possibility for change and reform,” he writes. “It has opened up a path to a new world.”

The Zealot and the Emancipator

Written by H. W. Brands, it is a fascinating study of two Americans who opposed slavery, but by different means. John Brown favoured violence and direct action, and paid with his life. Abraham Lincoln supported the constitution and political action, but in the end he also paid with his life.