The Mischief Ends, Season: 3
  • 31 Oct - 06 Nov, 2020
  • Salaar Laghari
  • Fiction

“I’m going to use this guy,” Jafar said. “I’m training him specially to assassinate Rahman and his father.”

“Why specifically him?”

“I enjoy seeing destruction of families with their own hands.”

“Oh…anyway! Why are we here?”

“There is this dealer who has to give me my due,” Jafar answered getting a bit vigilante, “I’m waiting for him here.”

“Why are you two meeting at the grave yard?”

“He called me here.”

“I see.”

After waiting for a while, Jafar took out his pistol and said,

“He better not is planning to double cross me.”

“What if he is?”

“Do you think he would dare to do that?”

“Well, as long as he has received his share from the deal and he has nothing but to give you your due…I guess dumping you is not quite difficult for him.”

“Oh, shut up!” Jafar got angry on his words.

Jafar opened the car’s door and stood outside the vehicle holding the gun in his left hand.

Nobody can double cross me. This idea would be someone’s biggest mistake.

Jafar was losing patience and he wanted to fire his gun towards the graveyard, but before long he saw the dealer outside the graveyard’s door. Jafar saw that he was entering inside the graveyard.

Jafar kept the gun in his pocket and followed him.

“Do you want me to come?” Jafar’s man asked him from inside the car.

“No, stay here!” Jafar instructed. “Turn the engine on, though.”



Meanwhile, inside the hospital of another city, Rahman was seated on a chair and his father was seated on the bed. Rizwan had told him everything, to which Rahman commented,

“So, this was what gave you a nervous breakdown?”

“Yes, I don’t even remember how I fainted. But I was badly shocked.”

“Well, I am shocked about the fact that he donated blood to my sister and he was here to make peace.”

“Exactly, I am upset about the fact that he punished himself by staying inside the prison for so many years.”

“Do you think he would have been released by now?”

“No, I am afraid that what if he must have died in the jail.”

“No, don’t think like that,” Rahman said spontaneously, “he is alive, I’m sure. We just need to find him.”

“Okay. Yeah and one more thing, do you remember we received a call several years back. In fact, it was many years back that my name was found carved on a wall. Remember?”

“Tell me a little more…”

“The police officer called us. He said that mine and Hannan’s name was written…”

“….Oh yeah, I remember,” Rahman interrupted as he remembered. “Yeah, so what about it?”

“According to Hannan’s notes, he went there when he returned to our city. He was the one who made that note, with a knife or something.”

“What was it about?”

“He stated that his intentions for returning to the city were noted on that wall.”

“I see. That’s interesting. Well, Dad, there’s plenty of stuff that I want to share with you and I have been waiting for the right time.”

“Well, you can tell me now.”

“I don’t think that you can hear all of this together. You are sick right now. I’ll let you rest for a while, but I will share this stuff eventually.”

“Is it something serious?”

“More than just serious. But you will be excited to know one thing.”

“You are creating suspense son. Anyways, I want you to know that I want to meet my brother real soon.”

“Okay, I’ll see you after a few hours. You should rest now.”


Later during the night, Rizwan was discharged and he was standing outside the room. Rahman came towards him and asked,

“How are you now?”

“I’m good, very much better than before.”

“Where is your stick?”

“They never brought it here. It’s still at the hotel room.”

“What about your bags and other stuff?”

“That’s over there too.”

“No, I mean did they or did they not lock your room? When they took you to the hospital.”

“I can’t seem to remember. I had blacked out by then.”

“Well, don’t worry. We’re going there, we’ll find it out.”

Next hour, the two of them were standing inside the room. Rizwan said as he looked around,

“Well, it seems everything is as it was meant to be.”

“Are you sure?” Rahman asked.

“Yes, I am. I don’t feel as if anything’s missing.”

“These notes,” Rahman said pointing his fingers towards the notes. “Are these what caused the…”

“Yes, it was because of these.”

“You know, I have a lot to share with you that can shock you even more.”

“I don’t think anything can shock me more than what I read today.”

“By the way,” Rizwan questioned. “I’ve been meaning to ask you what you are doing here.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean why you are in this city.”

“Oh yes, I had been hiding something from you. I’ll tell you, but first I want you to sit down calmly and listen to something else.”

Rizwan sat on his bed leaning with rest and said,

“Alright, I’m listening.”

“As you told me today that you were shocked to know that it wasn’t Hannan who poisoned Omama.”

“Yes, it was his deceased son Jafar.”

“See, here’s the thing. He’s not dead. He is still alive. I saw him and I met him.”

“Oh, no! How come?”

“Well, he must have obviously survived the explosion.”

“How could anyone survive that blast?”

“No, it was just a grenade. Anyways, the bottom line is that he is alive and he is still spreading mischief and trouble in the lives of others.”

“Oh, dear!”

“But there’s good news as well.”

Rizwan gave an expression as if he was paying full attention to him.

“One member of Zakariya’s family,” Rahman said, “is still alive. He shall carry the name of his parents forward.”

“What? Wait, are you talking about Harun?”

“Yes, he is alive. He can see from one eye. That’s one good thing Jafar has done for us.”

“Oh, my goodness!” Rizwan stood up from his bed as he said this.

He exclaimed with astonishment,

“Harun’s alive? Are you sure about this?”

“I am more than hundred percent sure.”

“Why didn’t you tell me this earlier,” Rizwan said feeling the tears in his eyes.

“I wanted to, but it was uncle Khattab’s funeral that prevented me.”

“Oh, dear Lord!” Rizwan said sitting down on the bed.

“We have to get him back.”

“Yes, but how?”

“I don’t know how. It sounds difficult since he has been trained to become a criminal like Jafar. But don’t worry; we will handle this like we handled every situation…Together.”

“We will. Yes, we most definitely will.”

There was silence for a while until Rahman asked,

“Can I see Uncle Hannan’s notes?”

“Yes, no problem.”


Next morning, Rizwan was sleeping on his bed. Rahman was sleeping on the sofa of that room. Rizwan’s cell phone began to ring. The phone was on the bed. Rahman woke up as he heard the phone ringing. He looked at his father who was moving as if he was about to wake up.

Rahman however, stood up immediately and went to answer the call. He answered the call from an unknown number,


“Is this Rizwan Tariq?” a male’s voice was heard from the other line.

“No, I’m his son.”

“Who is this?”

“My name is Rahman. What is it? Who are you?”

“I’m speaking from the police station.”

“Police station?” Rahman got a bit worried.

“Yes, tell us are you Tariq Yasar’s grandson?”


“Can we speak to your father?”

Rahman looked at his father who had almost woken up.

“Tell me, what is it?” Rahman said.

“Your grandfather’s grave. It was crushed yesterday.”

“What? Oh, my God!” Rahman spoke with utmost shock.

“This happened yesterday. We need to see your father right now.”

“Alright, we’re coming back to our city. Please just text us the exact location.”


Rahman disconnected the call.

Rizwan who was looking at him, asked him,

“What happened? Who was it?”

Rahman who was speechless at the moment sat on the bed as if he fell over it backwards.

“What happened Rahman?” Rizwan asked again.

“Who was it?”

Rahman still remained silent as if he couldn’t talk.

“Are you alright son?”

Rahman looked at his father and was about to say something but he stopped.

“What is it Rahman?” Rizwan asked. “Whose call was it?”

“You won’t ever believe it,” Rahman finally broke the silence.

“What’s going on? Please say it now.”

“Your father’s prophecy…it became true.”

“My father’s prophecy? Which one? What has happened?”

“Your father’s grave has been crushed,” Rahman spoke quickly in one breath.

“What? Oh, no!” Rizwan was as shocked as like his son.

Rahman stood up and spoke in panic,

“I am so confused. I shouldn’t have told you. I didn’t even want to. You just had a breakdown. Please stay calm.”

Tears fell down Rizwan’s eyes and he said,

“It had to happen one day. We couldn’t prevent it, no matter how. The only thing that’s upsetting me is that I wish it had happened after my demise.

I wish that I didn’t live to see this day.”

“Look dad, we have to work together on this. Okay? We’ll sort out this mess together.”

“Sure,” Rizwan said standing up from the bed.

“We’ll catch a train and we’ll leave.”

“When should we?”

“Sorry?” Rahman got confused.

“I’m asking when we should leave.”

“You tell me, I’ll arrange everything. Just tell me a time.”

“If we’ll leave today,” Rizwan said until a question came to his mind and he asked. “Wait, tell me something though, who was on the phone?”

“It was the police. They want us to help them in this, probably?”

“Oh, well, it was nice of them to tell us.

When did this happen?”

“Yesterday. And they said they needed to see you immediately.”

“Okay, we can leave today. Go and arrange evening’s tickets.”

“Okay, I’ll do it. But Dad please, you stay calm and do not worry.”

“I’m not worried, because all the things that are happening, I’m sure that there is one culprit behind all this. Jafar, son of Hannan.”


One Day Later

Rizwan and Rahman met the police inspector inside the police station. The police officer said to them,

“There has been a huge damage, but your grave was destroyed specifically.”

“Can you tell us what exactly happened?” Rahman

asked him.

“There was a cross fire between two gangs or may be just

two men.”

“A crossfire?”

“Yes, the public was gathered. They told us. They have seen the criminals.”

Rahman got a little hopeful and asked,

“So, if I take them to the suspect, can they help us?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I was planning to do.”

“Okay, that’s perfect.”

“Can you tell us how many witnesses were there?”

“There were four witnesses in total, including the security guard. Unfortunately, the guard got shot and is admitted to the hospital. We have the contact numbers of the rest three of them.”

“Oh, that poor guy.”

“Listen officer,” Rizwan interrupted their conversation, “that guard, whoever he was, I want to bear his medical expense. He is injured and he needs treatment.”

“You want to bear his medical expense?” the police officer asked mockingly, “that guy is almost half as responsible as the actual culprits, and you are planning to support him?”


“You know I was thinking that you would be angry on him for not doing his job properly. Didn’t that come to your mind?”

“Look officer,” Rahman spoke in between, “just let it be the way my father wants it. Right now, we want to see those witnesses. We shall take them to that street.”

“You know where he lives?”



Two Hours Later

At the street where Jafar was usually found, a van stopped. Rizwan and Rahman along with the two civilians stepped outside the vehicle. They were there to find Jafar.

Rizwan was walking slowly with his stick but Rahman was very vigilante and he was actually leading them to the exact spot. Rahman and Rizwan heard a voice of coughing on their right hand side. Rahman turned and saw that his nephew Harun aka Moiz was standing by the wall.

to be continued...