Dream Home Makeover

  • 31 Oct - 06 Nov, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

These days, it’s probably impossible to count the number of home improvement shows. There’s some kind of room re-design series popping up what seems like every few weeks. The latest is Dream Home Makeover, now streaming on Netflix. The McGees grew their following on social media after Shea began to post photos of her design projects on Instagram. They soon decided to sell their house and pour all the profits into creating their business, an interior design company and a furniture and decor line. Now located in Utah, the couple and their two daughters are working on building their own dream home. Over the course, we get a feel for Syd and Shea’s relationship, Shea seems to do most of the work and Syd carries the title of CEO. The show follows a tried formula, so you’ll recognise just about every beat, from the excited initial first greetings to the floor plan explanation to the emotional reveal. Dream Home Makeover, however, is incredibly unmemorable. They try to create a unique hook by making McGee’s own home construction a part of the series in addition to the typical client projects, but it isn’t exciting, innovative, or emotional enough to really stand out.