Couple names daughter after internet provider for years of free WiFi

  • 31 Oct - 06 Nov, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Mag Files

A pair of new parents in Switzerland recently welcomed a bundle of joy – and saved a bundle on their internet bills in the process by naming her after their WiFi company. The Swiss internet provider Twifi has been running a promotion that promises customers free WiFi for 18 years – but the catch is that you have to name your child either Twifia or Twifius. For one couple from Graubünden, the offer was too sweet to pass up, and they gave their newborn daughter the name Twifia as a middle name. Though the parents opted to remain anonymous, the father told the outlet that he thought the promotion was a bad joke when he first stumbled upon it on Facebook. He soon got his wife on board as well, and they reportedly developed a plan that would benefit not only them, but their little girl, too: all the money they’ll save by not paying for internet for the next 18 years will go into a savings account for her. Meanwhile, even if the company goes out of business before the baby’s 18th birthday, Twifi boss Philippe Fotsch told that he’ll keep his word to the family. According to Twifi’s website, the offer still stands, as long as parents are able to upload a photo of their child’s birth certificate.