07 November, 1917 – October Revolution

The Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Lenin, took over the winter palace and ended the rule of the post-Tsarist provisional government and transferred all powers to the communists in Russia.

08 November, 1972 – Home Box Office launched

The premium TV channel, informally known as HBO, is the oldest paid TV channel in the US. The first program to screen on the channel was Sometimes a Great Notion, a movie starring Paul Newman and Henry Fonda.

09 November, 1994 – Darmstadtium created for the first time

The heavily radioactive element with an atomic number of 110 and symbol Ds, was created in Darmstadt, Germany, the city after which the element is named.

10 November, 1969 – Sesame Street premiered

Sesame Street, the long-running American children's television series, premiered on TV stations.

11 November, 1918 – World War I ended

An armistice was signed to formally end the war. With 17 million casualties, the First World War was one of the bloodiest conflicts in history.

12 November, 1966 – First images of a Solar Eclipse taken from space

The crew of Gemini 12 which included Edwin Eugene "Buzz" Aldrin was able to view and take pictures of the total solar eclipse over South America.

13 November, 1887 – Bloody Sunday in London

Protests by unemployed Londoners in Trafalgar Square took a violent turn when the police charged on those protesting with batons. By the end of the day, several hundred protestors were injured.