If you find yourself craving a magical world every bit as rich and whimsical as the one found in the Harry Potter books, then prepare to fall in love with Charlie N. Holmberg's dazzling Spellbreaker. When she's just a child, Elsie Camden learns that the world has two kinds of wizards: those who are born with magic (like her) and those who pay for it. As an adult, Elsie is the Robin Hood of the magical community, fighting against the elite even though she doesn't have a license to practice her spells. However, when she stumbles upon a dangerous mystery involving the murder of wizards, she may have to team up with a man who seems to stand for everything she's fighting against.

Collected Stories

Collected Stories by Shirley Hazzard gathers 28 of the acclaimed author's short stories together for the first time. This expansive collection combines her previous two volumes of short stories, Cliffs of Fall and People in Glass Houses, alongside two previously unpublished stories and other uncollected works in one tome that's perfect for new and seasoned fans of Hazzard’s work.

The Enigma Game

Elizabeth Wein's The Enigma Game is another engrossing World War II-set novel from the author who gave us Code Name Verity. In 1940, 15-year-old Louisa Adair is searching for a way to contribute to the war effort when she takes on the job of caring for an elderly German woman in Windyedge, Scotland. At first, Louisa feels as if she should be doing something more worthy, but she soon finds herself embroiled in a code-cracking mission of epic proportions.