Someone Has to Die

  • 07 Nov - 13 Nov, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

Someone Has to Die introduces us to the passions and pastimes of Spanish high society in the years after the Spanish Civil War. The Falcon family enjoys all the trappings of high society, Gregorio, the father, is a bureaucrat and domestic tyrant who rules over the family’s home and social fortunes with his scheming. His wife Mina, originally from Mexico but a member of Spain’s elite, sees the greater world changing but is stuck under Gregorio’s thumb. Their only son Gabino arrived home after a decade spent with Mina’s family in Mexico. Gregorio has arranged to marry Gabino to Cayetana, favourite daughter of the wealthy Aldama family. The match would secure the Falcons in society, and grease the wheels for state labour contracts to run through Senor Aldama’s network of factories. Problem is, Gabino’s come back from Mexico with a “friend,” named Lazaro. Someone Has to Die drops more than one reference to the events of ten years before, and a particular incident which roiled the wealthy strata the Falcons roll with. It scared the family, seems to have killed Gregorio’s father, tore apart Gabino’s friendship with Alonso Aldama, and is definitely the reason he was sent abroad as a 10-year-old.