Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2

  • 07 Nov - 13 Nov, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries Volume two comes back even more serious than the first volume. The theme music may have a new arrangement which forebodes horrifying tales, but the telling has become even further removed from the overwrought drama of the original series. The crimes are exactly as promised, they are mysterious and open. The new episodes profile fantastically mysterious happenings and tragic events. The reenactments are back, though muted, in Volume two. Directed by Don Argott, the opening episode has everything going for it. It has a slain hero, former White House aide John ‘Jack’ Wheeler, whose commitment to service which started as a soldier in the Vietnam War, culminated in his becoming chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. Unsolved Mysteries doesn’t dwell on the systemic problems of investigations and investigative bodies. It is not concerned with righting wrongful convictions. It is about the horror stories of unanswered questions. The series has removed the corniness of the original and continues to delve deeper into serious detective work, but this brings it in line with the glut of true crime series already on the market.

– Compilation