The Mischief Ends, Season: 3
  • 07 Nov - 13 Nov, 2020
  • Salaar Laghari
  • Fiction

Rahman and Rizwan heard a voice of coughing on their right hand side. Rahman turned and saw that his nephew Harun aka Moiz was standing by the wall.

Rahman uttered as he saw him,

“Oh, my God! Dad, look he’s here.”

Rizwan looked at the direction and saw the young kid.

“Wait, who is this?” Rizwan asked.

“This is Harun!”

“Oh, my God! Really?”

Harun was a bit terrified as he saw that there were plenty of people with them.

“Alright! Here’s the deal,” Rahman said to his father, “I will go and get hold of this kid. In the meantime, you tell these people to keep moving ahead.”

Rahman slowly separated himself from the group. He walked towards Harun who was quite terrified.

Rizwan and the other witnesses kept on moving. Rizwan said to the people,

“You guys can easily recognise this criminal?”

“Yes, I can,” one of the men spoke.


Meanwhile, Rahman was standing next to Harun and he tried to be polite with him,

“How are you kid?”

“Why are you here?” Harun asked angrily and fearfully.

“I’m here to bring peace in

your life.”

“I’m fine, I don’t need your help. And don’t think that I don’t know what you’re up to.”

“Oh…And what am I up to?”

“Don’t play games and tricks with me.”

Rahman chuckled and said,

“Alright kid, now you have to say goodbye to this nasty place and this lifestyle of yours.”

Half an hour passed, the team of witnesses and the police could not find Jafar anywhere. So, the police officer said to Rizwan,

“There’s a possibility that may be he has changed his residence temporarily. He is hiding on purpose.”

“So, how can we find him then?”

“I’m sure, he will be back soon. I will keep an officer on duty around this place.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll catch the criminal very soon.”

“Sure,” Rizwan said nodding

his head.

While Rizwan was standing alone now, apart from the group, he wondered,

It has been quite long and Rahman has not showed up. Where is he?

He took out his cell phone and said,

Let me call him and make sure that he is okay.

Rahman answered his father’s call immediately and said,

“Father, I’m here at my place. I have kidnapped Harun on my own. You have to come here.”

“Oh, my God! You kidnapped the kid?”

“Yeah, so what? Did I do something wrong?”

“No, it’s not wrong. Well anyways, the police team is leaving. We could not find Jafar.”

“Oh, well, don’t worry about him. I’ll find him myself. But right now, we need to talk to Harun. He is in my custody. I have tied him with ropes.”

“Okay, but Rahman go easy on him, okay? He is quite young.”

“Yes, don’t worry. I’m handling him with care. But we need to talk to him about the reality of his life.”

“Okay, okay I’m coming.”


Rizwan disconnected the call and looked at the police officers and their team heading back to their vehicle.


That evening, inside a room with very little amount of light, Harun was tied with ropes on a sofa. Rizwan was sitting on a couch opposite to him and Rahman was roaming around in the room while talking to Harun.

“Mr Moiz,” Rahman said, “You, you are absolutely clueless. You have no idea about who you are and how your true identity has been destroyed.”

“I want to know, are you guys going to release me or will you kill me and send my dead body to my father.”

“That guy is not your father!” Rahman said getting angry. “That guy is the killer of your real father. And your mother.”

“Why should I believe you guys?”

“Because we can show you the photos of your parents. You’ll see for yourself how much resemblance is there.”

“Why have I been brought here?” Harun asked getting annoyed.

“So that you can know that what is the truth.”

“I don’t care what the truth is. What matters to me is that I have a real comfortable life with my master and we get what we want over there.”

“Is that all that matters to you?” Rizwan asked him. “A life of pleasure and fun? Doesn’t it matter to you that who gave you birth and presence in this world?”

“Wait hang on,” Rahman interrupted in between, “Tell us Haurn…”

“…My name is not Harun. I am Moiz.”

“Alright, Moiz, tell me something now. If we can prove it to you right now about your past life and how Jafar has been cruel to your parents, would you believe us then?”

“Cruel? How can you define ‘cruel’ exactly?”

“Jafar murdered your mother and your father. That’s how we define him to be really cruel.”

“Okay, if you can show me then I will believe you.”

“Then, will you give up working for him and join us, your real family?”

“No, if you can prove to me that how cruel he is, I will first of all kill him with my own hands.”

Rahman and Rizwan were quite shocked on this statement.

Meanwhile at Jafar’s house, he was quite infuriated as he heard from his men that Moiz had been kidnapped. He was so angry that he pushed a furniture table and it fell down shattering into pieces.

He asked,

“Who were those people?”

“We don’t know,” one of the goons answered, “we just saw that there was a police van and some ordinary civilians.”

“So, the police took him away?”

“We’re not sure, but we saw one man who was about your age standing by him.”

“Standing by whom? Moiz?”

“Yes, they have kidnapped him.”

“Oh, God!”

Jafar got really angry that he shut his eyes tightly pulled his own arms and turned his face up with frustration.

“I don’t think they can harm us,” one of the goons said.

“…No,” Jafar answered after a while, “it’s not merely because they wanted Moiz. It’s about my encounter in the graveyard. I was trying to find the deal breaker guy. I got so angry that I accidentally crushed my grandfather’s grave.”

“So, what are we going to do now?”

“I don’t know, I just know that the police is hunting me like wild dogs.”

“Do you think Moiz will speak up?”

“He might, but what we do need to make sure now is that if we find him safe and alive, we have to kill this kid.”

“Kill him? Why?”

“Because I can’t trust him anymore. I can’t, the police might have brainwashed him.”

“No, it’s not that simple.”

“Alright, that’s enough! You all have to oblige my orders now. If anyone will argue, I won’t use my tongue to make him understand, I’ll use my finger to pull the trigger.”

He angrily left the room

saying this.


That night, Harun was sitting in the same room all alone. He was released from the ropes.

He was holding a printed photograph and he was extremely upset. He was thinking about the hidden realities of his life.

He looked at the photograph and saw his mother carrying him while he was just three months old. He was looking at his eyes in the photograph since it was clear to him that he was born blind. He looked at his mother’s face and remembered Rahman’s words,

Your mother was poisoned by your so called father Jafar.

Tears fell off his eyes. He was deeply upset since he realised that the person he had loved all his life was the one who actually killed his mother.

He looked at the ropes around and realised in his thoughts,

If these people were liars or if they were simply trying to misuse me, then they wouldn’t have released me nor would they have given me a permission to make my own choice. Instead they would have forced their opinion on me like my master Jafar.

He cried a little more and said,

Oh God, I can’t believe that I’m such a fool. I never knew that my life and my upbringing was nothing but a betrayal.

He wiped his tears as it was quite difficult for him to stop crying.

He then, said his final words before standing up,

I might be blind from one eye. But regardless of that, I can clearly see how much this woman’s face resembles mine.

He stood up and started towards the exit of the room. He said before knocking the door,

I will make my decision afterwards, but I’m sure that it won’t be in favour of my cruel master.

He knocked the door twice. After a few seconds, Rahman opened the door. His father Rizwan was standing with him.

“So, have you made your decision?” Rahman asked.

“I have not,” Harun replied looking down as he was not able to confront them eye

to eye.

“Okay, do you need more time?”

“Exactly, that’s exactly what I need.”

“Okay, no problem. Do you want to stay here? You can if you want to.”

“I wish I could; but I’m too ashamed.”

“Ashamed of what?”

Rizwan asked.

“I can’t, I’m guilty. I don’t think I am…” Harun was getting helpless as he was speaking this.

“It’s okay,” Rahman tried to make it easy for him.

Harun began to cry. He hid his face while he was crying.

“It will be alright,” Rahman said to him, “don’t cry.”

Harun said to them while crying,

“Please escort me outside.”


Next minute, while Harun was standing outside the house, he was holding his mother’s photograph.

“I’m leaving,” he said to Rahman, “but I want to say one thing before I go.”

“Okay, go on.”

“You guys are very kind and generous people. I am sure that you haven’t lied to me.”

Rahman smiled courteously.

Harun wiped off his tears and started walking away.

A minute later, while Rahman walked back inside, he saw his father standing.

Rizwan asked him,

“Is he going to be okay?”

“I hope he will be. I’m sure he will make the right decision.”

“Yeah, I hope so too.”

“Anyway, father, there’s one thing that I haven’t told you yet. I have to tell you this now.”

“Okay, what is it?”

“Uncle Taha was the last person who talked to your father.”

“Yeah, that might be true.”

“And in that conversation, he told him his final wish.”

“Oh, my God!” Rizwan got shocked.

“Yes, and I discovered about that final wish when I was in

that city.”

“What was my father’s will?”

“He wished that regardless of all the mischief and trouble that would occur in this family, he wanted to see his two

sons united.”

“Oh, my God! And that wish hasn’t come true yet.”


Rizwan leaned by the wall and started weeping.


One Week Later

Rahman entered inside some charitable organisation. He was holding a cheque of fifty thousand. He went in, straight to the reception and said,

“I want to make a donation to your organisation through this cheque.”

“Okay, you’ll have to provide your personal information first.”

“Sure. My name is Rahman Rizwan.”

The receptionist started typing the name on his laptop and then, stopped typing as he remembered something. However, he asked him,

“You said Rahman Rizwan, right?”


“Wait, your father’s name is Rizwan?”

“That’s correct.”

“If I’m not wrong, his full name is Rizwan Tariq,” the receptionist inquired.

“Yes, that’s right. But why are you asking?”

“Can you give me a moment?”

The receptionist took out his cell phone and made a phone call. As his call was answered, he said,

“Hello, Rahman son of Rizwan is here.”

Few hours later, outside Rizwan’s house’ building, he was sitting on a public bench. He was speaking to himself in his own thoughts,

My father’s grave has been crushed. I have to see this. I must see this. But I don’t have enough courage to see this.

He heard his phone ringing, he answered Rahman’s call,

“Yes, Rahman.”

“Dad, I am standing on your left side. You can see me I am at some distance. But there’s someone else who wants to meet you now.”

Rizwan stood up and looked on his left.

He saw his son standing with an old man. Rizwan looked closely at the old man’s face and recognised him immediately getting stunned,