Shaan Shahid pens a patriotic song to express his love for Pakistan

Patriotic melodies

Shaan Shahid is the most patriotic actor in Pakistan, there are no two ways about it. We mean, just look at his recent filmography and social media activities, he is constantly promoting his patriotism everywhere. But hey, we are not complaining. It’s actually good to see an actor who is so proud of his nationalism. Recently, he expressed his love for his country by writing a heartfelt song titled, Tairay Ishq Dai Char Gaye Rang Watna, sung by the legendary Shafqat Amanat Ali. Shaan revealed the news on his social media by sharing a teaser of Shafqat Amanat Ali humming to the song written by Shaan himself. The caption read as, “The love for Pakistan runs in my veins. It mixes in the ink of my pen and spreads in the voice of our legends. A love song for the country written by #shaanshahid and sung by #shafqatAmanatAli coming soon. Tairay Ishq Dai Char Gaye Rang Watna.”