YouTube’s mobile app gets new gestures and playback controls

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YouTube is updating its mobile apps with a few new features that should make viewing and controlling videos a bit easier, with new gestures, updated player controls, and additional features. The biggest update is a new gesture to enable or disable full-screen video: instead of tapping the button (or rotating your phone), you’ll now be able to swipe up on the video window to enter full-screen and swipe down to return back to the standard player page. There are also a few new buttons on the video player: there’s now a new closed-caption toggle that appears directly on the overlay menu, along with the toggle to turn on or off auto play video. The updated apps also feature an expanded version of the video chapters feature that YouTube has been developing over the past few months. Now, there’s a new list view that shows all the chapters for the video, including a preview thumbnail (sort of like a DVD menu). YouTube says that it’ll be working on adding more suggested actions in the future, too.

PayPal cuts ties with domain registrar Epik over digital currency

PayPal has terminated the account of domain registrar and web hosting company Epik for violating its “risk controls,” prompting angry letters and blog posts from Epik alleging conservative bias was to blame, Mashable reported. Seattle-based Epik is perhaps best known for its support of right-wing social media site Gab. The site was banned by its hosting company, domain registrar, and PayPal in 2018, after it was discovered that the alleged shooter at a Pittsburgh synagogue had written anti-Semitic tirades on Gab. The issue that got Epik kicked off PayPal has to do with Epik’s digital “alternative currency” Masterbucks. It can be used to buy Epik products or converted into US dollars, and Epik did not take proper legal steps to run the digital currency. The company independently reviews each matter and bases its decisions on the management of risk and compliance with our long-standing User Agreement.