Vermont woman reunites with biological family 44 years after she was lost at a market and then adopted

  • 07 Nov - 13 Nov, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Mag Files

44 years after being adopted from South Korea by a family in the United States, Denise McCarty has been (virtually) reunited with her birth family – including a twin sister she never knew she had. McCarty, whose birth name is Sang-Ae, recently discovered her biological family thanks to a Korean DNA programme that matches U.S. adoptees with their families. McCarty, 46, signed up for the programme in 2016 during a visit to South Korea. Her mother registered with the programme the following year, and earlier this month, their DNA was finally matched. In 1976, McCarty and her twin sister went missing when they were three years old during a trip to a market in Seoul with their grandmother. Her twin was found three days later. McCarty, however, was taken to an orphanage and then later adopted by her American parents. McCarty's birth family never stopped searching for her, and even opened a business in the market where she went missing in hopes that she would one day return to them. While McCarty was able to meet her mom, sister, and older brother, her father and grandmother have since died. McCarty said that she couldn't ask for more now that she has found her biological family.