Saree: six yards of sheer elegance!

Saree is one of the most elegant and evergreen clothing items. You can experiment a lot with a saree. Be it the type of cloth or print or detailing, you can always try something new when it comes to saree. From Ayeza Khan to Hira Mani, here are a few celebrities acing up the trend right.

If head-to-toe velvet is too much for you, take inspiration from Ayeza and go for a mixture of velvet and chiffon.

Take cue from Hira Mani and give your traditional saree a modern twist by pairing it with a button up and draping it like never seen before.

Embellished mesh sarees are beyond the bounds of fashion and trends. They are always going to be wardrobe-essentials.

With winter approaching, red velvet sarees are expected to reign the festive fashion just like every year.

The traditional puff sleeves that we saw in the 90s are back with some twists. They aren’t as big as they were back in the days, but they are just the right size to compliment your saree.

A white saree has elegance written all over it. To add colour to it, you can go for lace work at its borders and go all out with chunky, pearly jewelry.

Classic prints such as polka dots are only getting popular nowadays. With the potential inclusion of such quirky prints, sarees are going to be an à la mode in the coming days.