Letters To The Editor

The most important things are the hardest to say, because words diminish them. – Stephen King

Cleaning drives

Many of us are accustomed to complaining about the deplorable and unclean state of our neighbourhood, its road, unkempt parks and nearby areas, with no responses or action from the authority. In the wake of the Pakistan, I feel it is time to take matters into our own hands and try to overcome challenges on our own. Much like the popular beach cleaning drives, the young and old should try and allocate a day from a month, and converge efforts in cleaning the neighbourhood. This successful, organised activity is also practiced in foreign countries with profound success. It’s time we make amends on our own too, perhaps that’s how we can attain our Naya Pakistan.

Jameel Khurshed,

Forgetting our culture

Dramatic shifts in values, lifestyle and much more are very much part of our culture and has undergone many changes over decades; In an attempt to take on new trends, people have stripped off their cultural values. Fast-food is now the healthiest choice for people. Despite the national language being Urdu, our masses are swamped with the influence of English, and feel embarrassed speaking Urdu. The tolerance level of society has succumbed. Our society needs to know the difference between good and bad change. It’s high time; we make a close examination of our cultural values and try retaining their essence.

Jami Khan,

Beware of the dupe!

The beauty markets at present is bolstered with dupes and low-quality fake copies of make-up products, with many consumers purchasing them knowingly or in a fluke. This is very alarming, because the make-up dupes and low-quality copies have very harmful ingredients in them, which can lead to dreary skin conditions, including skin cancer. Vendors should be banned from selling such make-up products and consumers should be made aware of the repercussions of using such chemical-laden commodities. Make-up brands should also control and restrict the sale of their fake products.

Rumaisa Khalid,

Academic curriculum woes

Syllabi and textbooks by some private education institutions is apparently being overlooked by the authorities. The specific and very critical area I want to highlight is overburdening the innocent children with heavy syllabus. Resultantly, only some intelligent children, who are usually in limited numbers, can cope with and grasp the difficult syllabus of a higher level, while most average students feel difficulty in understanding it. This also causes different kinds of stresses and complications for them as they fall into complexes vis-à-vis their intelligent class fellows. Educational regulatory bodies need to come forward to address this issue.

Zainab Waheed,