This is so refreshing to see both for sport and women in our country. I wish the team all the best and am sure that they will make us proud! Small steps but in the right direction should be taken - to regain our former glory in sports of days gone by. #PakistanZindabad

Mehwish Hayat is delighted to hear the announcement by the Pakistan Football Federation that after seven long years, the Pakistan Women's National Football Team is gathering for a training camp.

I’m honoured to be a part of the Advisory Board on Culture, Heritage and Sports formed by the government.

Ammara Hikmat is very humbled to be a part of the government formed Advisory Board comprising top professionals from cinematic, sports spheres on measures to preserve and project Culture, Heritage and Sports of #Jammu&Kashmir. The board will help boost Kashmir and Pakistan at home and abroad.

Can someone - literally anyone else prepare this content guideline? Let's not forget a show-cause notice was issued to Udaari over 'immoral content' because it was highlighting child abuse.

Osman Khalid Butt is clearly not happy with PEMRA to have asked to prepare a guideline on content for Pakistan’s first OTT TV (Pak version of #Netflix) to launch soon.