Here’s what Salman Ahmed thinks about Arijit Singh’s version of Sayonee


Bollywood is widely known for remaking timeless golden tunes and ruining them big time. India’s versatile singer Arijit Singh has apparently came under scrutiny for remaking the classic Sayonee, the 1997 release from the Sufi rock band. Having asked about the release, Salman Ahmed shared, “I composed Sayonee in 1998. It's been 22 years and it has been such a hit since. The song itself has been revamped thousands of times.” “This isn't the first time someone has asked me to give them permission to make their own version of the song," he narrated. "India's Arijit Singh has been asking me for the last five years. I told him that I wouldn’t have a problem as long as two conditions were met – one, that no sentiments were hurt and another that it should be a message of love." Salman also mentioned how he granted permission for the remake four years ago, and how only recently he was randomly informed that a trailer was on way.