The Big Mistake

  • 14 Nov - 20 Nov, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fiction

I’ll rip his head off, I swear to God. He took away the woman of my dreams, and now she’s my Lost Paradise.”

Where I’m going, I’ll find out where this fucker took her. I’m done sleeping alone at night where a Goddess once laid next to me. I’m coming, I’m on my way, babe.

When I arrived at Pool Hall, a joint where you can find the right answers from the wrong people, I parked my convertible outside the building. Frank, the bouncer, biggest man I’ve met and yet I could still take him. Frank didn’t even ask anything from me, not because I’ve been here before, no. Frank has heard of what I’ve done to people, people who wrong me or thought themselves invincible and tried to come at me. Big mistake.

I grab me a seat at booth so no one will bother me. I’m not in the mood for pool. Shelly comes by to offer me everything on the menu, but I’m just here for a Jack and Coke and some info.

“Ever heard the name, Olivia Seli? Fine woman. Shy but beautiful when she wants to be, no offence to you Shelly.

Shelly gives me that smart ass look like I said something dumb, and I did but just couldn’t realise it, “I’ll go find out in a sec, Brune.”

Shelly… an angel disguised as a mother of four and more to come. Shelly could mean the world. It’s too bad I already got me a woman … Olivia, where’d you go?

In that moment I had to leave, go somewhere to stop thinking about her. I charge to the bathroom and everyone pushes themselves out of my way, as if I were a tractor ready to plow anyone in the way. No one was in that janky shitter but me, so I crush the soap dispenser. The plastic shards cut my hand good, and I like it. The violent pain gives me a damn strong rush, one that helps me forget my Olivia.

I clean off the blood with toilet paper and whatever soap didn’t spill on the floor. This place can’t keep up with its paper towels. I return to my seat with a tall glass of liquid gold, and I slam it like water, and Shelly comes to replace it with another. She knows me too well.

I slam that one too before she goes off, “Brune, I talked to some of the guys in back. They heard of your wife leaving someplace this morning with some guy down here a few nights ago. She looked stressed and having a hard time just sitting still, kept her hands moving.”

“They sure it was her?”

Shelly could see my intent ready to strike bombs on whoever this guy is, “Yeah, and the guy wore sunglasses indoors. Slick back hair, and the money to spend on her. I’d never seen him and neither had they. He dressed well though.”

“Thank you, Shelly.” I rise in a heavy motion, as if I were a monster. A real lunkhead of a man, and tonight I smelt something foul. This man took away my woman, and I ain’t stopping till she’s mine.

Shelly’s cold hand pulls me before I head out, “You gonna be good, Brune, Sweetie? Don’t go looking for something you ain’t ready for. You’ll hurt someone, or worse yourself.”

I encase her hand with both of mine as if she were a child, “Don’t you worry. Remember, I’m a nice guy.”

I smile and trudge out of Pool Hall pissed as hell. Whoever this slicker is, he better like the taste of boots when I find him. The problem now is, they could be anywhere… Olivia, where’d he take you? Why now? Things been rough at home, and I’m not perfect, but they weren’t bad. Never hit you or nothing. You didn’t run off on me, no. Someone stole you and now I gotta find him.

Two clowns who thought being a meathead and outnumbering me meant they had leverage. Don’t go into a fight not knowing your enemy. If they had guns I’d be dead already, and I don’t see knives or steel pipes. Big mistake.

“Hey fellas?–?”

I swung twice so fast at both of their heads, my right went numb for a minute. Minutes pass and the two wake up next to another chained together. I bought them out near the outskirts of the state on the countryside. No one will find us here.

I bring out Switch, my switchblade, and he flicks out ready to cut, “So who wants to start?”

No one talks… until I cut the one on the left’s shin. Yeah, he ached in groveling pain, good. That’s what I like to hear.

“Alonzo, his name’s Alonzo, man.” I bet those chains and cuffs feel mighty fine while I gut his leg. I stab the other one in the leg and he yelps, but it’s useless out here.

“I don’t know where he is! W-We don’t know where he is!”

I twist the blade, and can feel the bone touch the tip of Switch, “Ah! Fine! He lives in Garrison Hotel, top floor. Swear, I swear!”

I smile, “Good to know.”

The horrid mess I left those two in would give anyone nightmares, hell, I know I’m getting them tonight. Whatever I don’t finish the Timber Wolves will eat. Plenty of them coming out near the outskirts of Verrick when people aren’t roaming around here. When the struggling stopped, I picked through their pockets in case they were holding out anything. Found both their phones, but couldn’t get into them. Might as well visit ol’ Garrison Hotel. A luxury in the downtown area, but the top floor meant a mighty fall when I grab this sucker by the throat and toss him off. Olivia… I’m coming. A call comes through one of the goon’s phone.