14 November, 1969 – Apollo 12 launched

The crew of the NASA's second manned mission to the Moon included Commander Charles Conrad, Jr. Richard F. Gordon, Jr. and Alan L. Bean. It was the first spacecraft to take a colour TV camera to the Moon.

15 November, 1956 – Elvis Presley made his movie debut

Love Me Tender, a black-and-white musical starred the American singer, who is also sometimes called the King of Rock and Roll. The movie was named after Presley's hit single by the same name.

16 November, 2001 – Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone released

The film version of the popular book by the same name written by author J. K. Rowling starred Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter and followed Potter's first year at Hogwarts, a school for magic.

17 November, 1869 – Construction on Suez Canal finished

The 120 miles artificial waterway connecting the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea took 10 years to be built. The canal connected Europe to Asia without ships having to go all the way around Africa.

18 November, 1963 – Push button phones were used for the first time

Bell systems started replacing rotary dial phones by push button phone in the United States. Push button phones use keys or buttons to dial a number.

19 November, 1969 – Pele’s 1000th goal

The Brazilian footballer, often considered to be the greatest athlete of the 20th century, made his 1,000th professional goal against Vasco da Gama at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

20 November, 1985 – Windows 1.0 released

Nearly two years after it was announced, Microsoft released its first graphical operating system. The OS made it easier for users to navigate on their computer screens.