The Preserve

Full of smart commentary about the current state of America, Ariel S. Winter's The Preserve is set in a not-too-distant future after a plague led to a robot uprising. With robots now the ruling class, they set up preserves where humans can live without interference. But when a murder occurs on one of the preserves, Chief of Police Jesse Laughton will have to unravel a conspiracy if he wants to keep the robot government from shutting down the preserve experiment for good.

White Ivy

Susie Yang's White Ivy is a coming-of-age tale that's packed with dark twists you won't see coming. As a child, Ivy Lin's grandmother taught her how to take the things she wanted. Now an adult, Ivy has her heart set on reconnecting with her high school crush, but a secret from her past threatens to crumble her carefully constructed facade of perfection.

The Butchers' Blessing

Steeped in the rich history of Ireland, The Butchers' Blessing by Ruth Gilligan is a gothic thriller about the cost of keeping traditions alive. Una's father is one of the Butchers, a group of men of who travel around Ireland's farmlands slaughtering cattle in accordance with the ancient ways. However, not everyone supports the butchers and their archaic methods, and when a photographer captures a violent scene, the group and Una's life will be forever changed.