It’s 2020, the age of awareness and being woke. Make sure you know more than just the latest makeup trends. Here is embracing your inner skintellectual with 2020's beauty buzzwords to know.
  • 14 Nov - 20 Nov, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty


For skin-barrier strengthening

Also known as linoleic acid, vitamin F – an essential fatty acid found in rosehip, sunflower, olive and flaxseed oils – is an unsung skincare hero. Its omega-rich structure helps to keep the skin's lipid barrier strong and to deliver a healthy-looking complexion.


For brightening and hydrating

This wonder ingredient has grown in popularity thanks to its effectiveness at treating acne and breakouts by reducing oil production, as well as its ability to brighten, hydrate, enhance collagen production and help reduce hyperpigmentation.


For exfoliating sensitive skin

Meet the much-hyped new beast of the exfoliating-acid category. Derived from bitter almond extract, mandelic acid removes dead skin cells to leave the epidermis renewed – and its larger molecule size means it doesn't penetrate skin as deeply as other acids, making it ideal for sensitive types. It can also be used to treat pigmentation, scarring and acne.


For dry, sallow skin

This lightweight oil is packed with antioxidants and omegas, and has four times more vitamin C than oranges. Great for even the most sensitive skins, it is anti-microbial, non-irritating and non-pore-clogging, so it can be used on all skin types, including oily. For winter, try swapping out your night cream for this and see the difference.


For lacklustre skin

If silver is popular in skincare for its antibacterial properties, copper is its super-charged cousin that gives skin radiance. It has become more prevalent as studies have found copper peptides to be a brilliant anti-inflammatory antioxidant against pollution and stress. It also wards off DNA damage, making it a great anti-ageing ingredient.


For supreme anti-ageing

OK, so retinol isn't new, but the latest formulas are. As an ingredient, it had a bad rep for causing dryness, but the next-generation offerings are formulated to be gentler. An anti-ageing pillar, it increases cell turnover and boosts collagen for a smoother complexion. Word to the wise: always use with an SPF.


For ultimate hydration

Ideal for sensitive and dry skin or for those who feel that traditional face oils break them out, plant-derived squalane – which normally comes from olives or sugarcane – is most loved because it is lightweight and non-greasy in texture but deeply hydrating. Its ability to regulate oil production makes this an ideal choice for those with oily skin too.