Love & Anarchy

The idea behind Love & Anarchy is intriguing, but we wish the main characters in this show had a bit more depth to them.
  • 14 Nov - 20 Nov, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

Why do we love seeing people shake up their boring domestic lives on our TV screens? Are we bored ourselves? Or are we happy with our situations and just love seeing people take risks and chances? Love & Anarchy, a Swedish comedy series, is all about risks and chances, as two co-workers challenge each other to flout society in a weird flirtation. Sofie Rydman (Ida Engvoll) is a married mother of two who is an ambitious consultant. She’s starting a new job at an old-school publishing house that finally wants to join the 21st century and create a robust digital operation. Love & Anarchy (Original title: Karlek & Anarki), created by Lisa Langseth, is an odd bird, for sure. We get what Langseth is going for here; Sofia and Max continue to challenge each other in a seemingly hands-off flirtation, which feeds into what each other needs out of their lives at that point. We do see Sofia having problems with her conspiracy-theory-spewing father (Lars Väringer), so there are some clues as to why Sofia needs to shake herself out of her busy but inevitably boring family life.