Letters To The Editor

“We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.” – Maya Angelou

In the name of fitness

There has been a rise of gym and fitness training centres around town which make you think that people are becoming more aware and conscious about maintaining their health. However, it is disappointing knowing that you have to pay a hefty fee to get fit and healthy! At least that’s what the local gyms believe. Having visiting scores of gyms and fitness training centres recently to enroll myself, I was shocked at the amount of money they are charging for just basic training. In the name of fitness, they are charging outrageously high prices for sessions that aren’t that extensive or difficult. Basic fitness training should not be priced so high; you shouldn’t have to be rich to afford basic fitness facilities.

Mahira Mehmood,

Teach girls self defense

It is highly admirable how many schools are encouraging and teaching girls basics of self-defence, karate and kick-boxing as a part of their co-curricular activities. These exercises do more than just make women stronger; they make them more aware about their surroundings and play a pivotal role in their empowerment. It vests them with the power to be prepared for any unexpected situation that comes their way. All schools and colleges should be encouraged to train girls in these feats.

Muzamil Azeem,

Sixth most dangerous country for women

While scrolling through the internet, I came across a survey by the Thomson Reuters Foundation which showed that Pakistan falls into the category of the 10 most dangerous countries in the world for women. Pakistan has been ranked as the sixth-most dangerous and fourth-worst in terms of economic resources and discrimination as well as the risks women face from cultural, religious and traditional practices, including so-called honour killings. I concretely believe that with the right preventive measures, Pakistan can avert itself from being ranked in any such list in the coming years. Also, the authorities must make punishments for the offenders more severe so it discourages people from even thinking about committing such a heinous crime.

Maryam Tanveer,

Maintaining quality food standards

I recently had the pleasure of going to one of the finest restaurants in the city. While the food and ambience were all definitely beyond par, I certainly cannot say the same about the restaurant’s kitchen standards. While catching a glimpse of the kitchen, I could not believe my eyes. The dirty dishes were all piled up one after the other while the employees used the very same station to serve freshly cooked food. I also noticed that the restaurant workers were not using any gloves to handle the food and were not bothered by the substandard state of the kitchen. This came as a surprise as the restaurant is among the most renowned in the city and promises to offer a fine dining experience. Unfortunately, dirty dishes and not paying attention to hygiene did not complement my overall experience. These restaurants charge a hefty amount for the food they serve hence they should pay special attention when it comes to hygiene. The food authorities should conduct inspections all over the country to ensure that restaurant owners and workers are maintaining quality standards.

Riffat Ahmed,