I have a new or changing skin growth – what could it mean?

Skin growths or changes are often benign, but in some cases, they could be cancerous or precancerous lesions. From freckles to moles, ask and tell your dermatologist when anything changes with your skin. Patients need to tell their doctors specifically if they have something new or something that might be getting larger, crusted, scabbed or darker. In addition, let your doctor know about a skin growth, even a tiny freckle with irregular colour or borders. Don’t put off scheduling an appointment. Duration of the lesion change can be very important as well.

Can you please suggest me any home remedy or solution for dark circle.

Hi, dark circles are a multifactorial problem. You can apply green tea bags on your eyes to reduce puffy eyes. Remain stress free. Eat healthy food take proper sleep. Kindly, book your appointment so we can tailor your treatment according to your dark circles problem.

My nails are getting damaged gradually. First of all a black dot appeared in my one of my nails. After that the whole nail became rough. It was painful and now this the same has started happening to the rest of my nails and the toes too.

It seems to be onychomycosis. I would prescribe an oral antifungal lotion for three weeks. Also wear nitrile gloves during household work. Most of the time oral antifungal tablets are required. Liver function tests should be done beforehand to start them. Kindly, fix your appointment for further assistance.