Sanam Saeed’s powerful short film, Ab Buss, is something you need to watch right away

Short of the week

The short film culture continues to take the Pakistani film industry by storm. The essence of a short film is that it sends across powerful messages within a few minutes. All the movie lovers who can’t take out time to Netflix and chill really have started to rely on short films to fulfill their yearning to watch a good flick. And if you are one of those people then you really need to tune into Sanam Saeed’s recently released short film, Ab Buss. The short is a thriller inspired by the horrific Lahore motorway gang rape incident. The film sends across a strong message that being surviving as a woman in this man’s world is no less than going on a war. Sanam, who has been really vocal about sexual abuse in general and about the Lahore incident in particular has given a phenomenal performance and the short film is very well executed. It is directed by Mohsin Talat and is available for streaming on See Prime.