See Prime’s upcoming horror film Chambeli has us on the edge of our seats


See Prime has been delivering quite a few exciting projects lately, with Murtaza Chaudry's Bridge, Mohsin Talat's Ab Buss and now Awais Sulaiman's Chambeli which takes on a whole new horror genre in Pakistan. In the original feature, Zoya Nasir, Aijaz Aslam and Zohreh Amir will be starring. The renowned actors play a couple who intend on having a romantic weekend getaway, but fate has other plans for them, as shown by the mysterious figures and occurrences in the house, there is a lot to look forward to especially if you're in the mood for a thrill. Eagle eyed fans are on the edge of their seats anticipating the latest See Prime venture which is said to be 'spine-chilling' as we don't see many horror series or films in Pakistan. We have high hopes about Chambeli, which is already making an impression with its eerie trailer, which has already managed to circulate fear with its dreary sound and gloomy colour palette. The horror-thriller will be airing on the streaming platform very soon. It's time to prepare ourselves, bundle up and grab some popcorn to enjoy the scares.

Ranjish – a thrilling web series around the concept of revenge

ABK Films and Shoaib Khan Films (SK Films) present the upcoming web-series Ranjish, an action-packed web-series, with an intriguing story containing elements of enthralling mystery, adrenaline pumped deception, intrigue and most of all, revenge. With a vindictive narrative, Ranjish, whose namesake depicts anger and rage, is fitting for the tale, as it paints a dark picture assessing the nature of deception and the internal turmoil’s of a family. With a wronged protagonist and antagonists to match the flames of an intense story of betrayal, the upcoming series promises a captivating delivery. The focus for the production is to tell a story, which grips attention through both emotionally and intellectually stimulating content, which is presented in the most effective way. The project is already turning heads before its release, although we are kept in the dark about the interesting details to come. Anticipating the actions of the storyline and holding it at a high standard, along with a strong vindictive perspective and art direction, eager ears are waiting to hear further details about its release.