The Mischief Ends - Season: 3
  • 21 Nov - 27 Nov, 2020
  • Salaar Laghari
  • Fiction

Harun said to Jafar,

“I’ll tell you that later. But right now, I want you to know that I have made my decision. And I am sharing it with you now.”

“Okay,” Jafar got anxious.

“I want you to know that my past of one year does not matter to me. What matters to me is my life of eighteen years. I know that you are the one who gave me this comfortable life. My mother just gave me birth; you are the one who gave me this eye and a life of respect.”

Jafar smiled with relief.

“So, my decision is…” Harun continued, “That I am going to be on your side. You and I will be a team forever.”

“Oh, dear son, I’m so proud of you,” Jafar said looking at him.

The two shook hands and made a commitment with each other.

After a while, Jafar said,

“You know kid, I’m very excited these days. I am really looking forward for my life ahead. A huge amount of money is coming our way and I know that it will keep coming if we run our smuggling businesses smartly and effectively.”

“That’s great! You and I both need to stay united.”

“Yes. And one more thing, the police is looking out for me. There is some danger for me in this city. So, I am about to leave this city, so that I can hire a perfect lawyer for myself.”

“So, you will return afterwards?”

“Yes, it is just a temporary thing. You will stay here, while I’m gone.”


Harun opened the door of the car and said,

“Alright, I’ll go now. I am leaving but I’ll meet you at home.”


A minute later, while Harun was gone, Jafar said out loud,

“You poor boy, you have no idea what I’m planning ahead. I’m leaving this city. You guys will rot here forever. And the only thing that I failed to see is that you did not murder Rahman and his father in front of me. But don’t worry, I’ll also make this happen in some way.”



Rizwan along with his brother and his son was seated in the guest room of his house. The three of them were designing their plan. Rizwan however began the conversation,

“Alright, so as we all have agreed upon this decision that the best way to approach Jafar is through police. We are using the legal way. But what matters right now is what Rahman just told us.”

“Yes,” Rahman said, “I saw yesterday that Harun was inside Jafar’s bungalow. He has decided to continue living with him.”

“This is really hurtful.”

“I think he is living in denial.”

“And this is the reason,” Hannan spoke up, “why I prefer to approach it all legally.”

Rahman replied,

“Yes and our objective is not mainly getting Jafar arrested, in fact, our sole objective is to rescue Harun.”

“Sure,” Rizwan nodded.

“However, I’m sure about one thing” Hannan said, “I’m sure that Jafar will be released soon.”

“So, you want him to die?”

“Yes. I don’t want this for me. I want this for the betterment of our family.”


“Alright,” Rahman said, “let me start from the beginning. First of all, you both will go to the police station. In the mean time, I will go and stand outside Jafar’s bungalow.”

“Right,” Rizwan said.

“The moment, I’ll see Jafar around the house, I will give you a call. And then, you both shall bring the police over.”

“That’s correct!”

“And if, he won’t be around the house, we shall cancel our plan for tomorrow. We will instead, keep it for the day after tomorrow.”

“Got it!”

They shook hands once their plan was final. Afterwards, they left the room for dinner.


Next morning, Harun was inside the bungalow’s gym. He was looking at the elliptical treadmill quite closely. He was thinking very deeply until he heard someone entering inside. He turned and saw that it was one of Jafar’s goons. He asked him,

“Tell me something?”


“At what time does Jafar do his exercise?”

“Well, around two o’ clock.”

“Two o’ clock?”


“And he does this every day?”

“Yes, everyday.”

“Okay, thank you!” Harun replied.

“And one more thing.”


“He puts on these shoes while he is working out,” he pointed towards some shoes.

“Perfect!” Harun replied looking at the shoes.

Meanwhile, outside the house, Rahman was standing all by himself. He couldn’t see Jafar or Harun. So, he kept on waiting until he saw the lights turning on of a particular room. He paid attention and saw that it was Jafar who had just woken up.

He’s up! Rahman wondered.

He took out his phone and made a phone call. As his phone call was answered, he said,

“Hello? Jafar is inside the house. Bring the police immediately.”

Half an hour later, Jafar who was wearing his track suit entered inside the gym. He saw that there was no one inside the gym, and so, he put on his shoes and once he had tied the laces tightly, he said,

Why are these wet from inside? Maybe, my foot is sweating.

He then, started walking and realised that there was something seriously different about his shoes. However, he ignored it and stood on the elliptical treadmill.

As he placed his hands on the hand support of the machine, he realised that there was wetness there as well. He then ignored it by thinking,

Maybe, my hands are sweating too. Anyways, it is not an uncommon occurrence, this has happened before as well.

The machine turned on automatically through the touch command and it ran in a slow speed.

Meanwhile, outside the house, two police vans arrived and then the police officers came outside holding their weapons. One of the police officers said in the hooter,

“Mr Jafar you are under arrest…”

But before he could finish his sentence, the vehicle got shot on the front side. One of Jafar’s guards was holding a machine gun, so he started firing over the police.

Rizwan and Hannan moved away from the cars and Rizwan said while they were running,

“It is going to be an encounter. The crossfire will take place.”

“I agree.”

The two brothers hid behind a wall where Rahman was waiting for them. Rahman asked them,

“What if Harun gets shot in this?”

Jafar who was still doing his exercise, heard the noise and said,

“What is going on outside?”

He tried to let go off his hands but he couldn’t. He was surprised as to how his hands were attached so firmly with the machine. He asked out loud,

“What the hell is wrong here?”

“I will tell you,” he heard this voice from behind.

He turned hardly to see who was talking to him. To his surprise, he saw Harun standing. He called him out,

“Moiz, we are under attack. You have to help me.”

“First of all, my name is not Moiz, my name is Harun.”

As Jafar looked at him, he saw that Harun was holding several chains in his hands. The chains were thin but seemed new.

Harun kneeled down and started tying Jafar’s feet with the pedal of the machine.

“What the hell are you doing?” Jafar asked.

Harun tightly tied Jafar’s both feet with the respective pedals and locked them. He made sure that it wasn’t easy for Jafar to escape.

Harun stood up and appeared before Jafar whose legs were running because of the machine and his hands were also attached.

“What the hell is this?” he asked Harun.

“What did you think?” Harun said angrily. “Did you think that I would forgive you for killing my parents? Did you think I was that cold?”

Harun changed his speaking tone and asked in one flow,

“Did you think I was like you?”

Jafar asked him,

“Then, why did you come back?”

“I came back so that I could gain your trust. And so, I could kill you with my own hands.”

“Listen Harun,” Jafar said tiringly as his feet had run quite a lot, “you are not thinking straight.”

“I know what I’m doing and probably this is the only right thing that I’ve done so far?”

“I am your father; and I gave you a comfortable life.”

Harun took out the chain and tied it around Jafar’s right hand. He then, tied another chain on his left hand. Jafar’s legs were running and running, which made him really exhausted.

“What do you want?” Jafar asked getting tired. “I’ll do anything.”

Harun paid attention to the voice of gun fires outside, so he commented,

“I have no idea about what that is. I don’t know if I’ll live, but I’m sure that this one good deed will make me satisfied.”

“Moiz, I beg for your forgiveness.”

Meanwhile, outside, Rizwan along with his son and brother was looking at the crossfire. Rizwan said,

“Jafar has quite a strong army. Most of the police officers have been shot dead.”

“Don’t worry,” Hannan said, “I just texted the police inspector, he is sending over more constables.”

“I’m worried about Harun,” Rahman said.

Back inside the gym, Jafar cried out,

“This really hurts. You have no idea.”

“This is my way of killing. I’m going to tire you and make you lose your breath.”

“Moiz, Harun, whoever you are, please just let me go, please.”


“I am really looking forward for my life,” Jafar started weeping, “I had so many hopes for my life.”

Harun increased the speed of the machine and made it twice as fast as it was before.

“Oh, please,” Jafar yelled out, “this is getting very painful. You have no idea.”

“I want to torture you because what you took away from me can never be replaced.”

“I gave you an eye. You were born blind.”

“Yes and that eye of mine is now turning against you.”

“Please,” Jafar cried, “I don’t want to die. If I’ll die, I know for sure that I will end up in hell. I am a bad human being, I will burn in hell.”

“That’s what you deserve.”

“No, please, I had many hopes from life,” he hardly spoke as his legs had tired him much more than he could afford.

“This is your end. You were a trouble maker and now you must die.”

Jafar couldn’t speak as his breath was getting heavier than before. Jafar shut his eyes and bent ahead. He uttered,

“I can’t, I can’t breathe.”

The crossfire stopped outside. Harun heard the police’ voice,

“Mr Jafar, all of your men are now dead. You have to come outside and hand yourself over to the police. And do not try to harm Harun.”

Harun realised,

Oh, this means that my grandfather’s team brought the police.

He then, looked at Jafar who was hardly moving but his face had gotten red and water was coming out through his eyes, nose and mouth.

The machine was still running. Harun said before leaving the room,

I’ll leave you like this.

Next minute, Harun came outside the bungalow with his hands up. Rahman recognised him and yelled out,

“Don’t shoot him, this is our child Harun.”

“Hold your fires,” the leading police officer claimed.

Harun slowly walked towards Rahman and his relatives.

As Harun got closer, Rizwan came forward and hugged him. Harun said to them,

“Don’t worry about Jafar. I have killed him.”

“Really?” Rahman asked getting surprised.

“Good job,” Hannan said tapping Harun on his shoulder. “You have saved this family.”

“That’s right,” Rizwan said as he let go of him, “this means that the mischief has ended. My father’s prophecy has come true. You have ended Jafar’s life which means the mischief has ended forever.”

“I’m glad, we lived long enough to see this day,” Hannan said looking at his brother.

“Exactly, we should be thankful.”

“I hated this man, since the day I found the truth,” Harun said.

“Your father’s prophecy stated that your offspring would end this mischief, didn’t it?” Rahman asked his father getting a bit confused.

“Yes, and Harun is my offspring from Omama,” Rizwan answered.

“That’s very logical and understandable,” Hannan commented.

One last crime partner of Jafar’s team came outside holding two pistols. He saw that the police was aiming towards him. So, he looked at Harun and said,

This traitor must die.

He fired through his two pistols towards Harun without aiming properly.

Five seconds later, there were splashes of blood on Rahman’s face who exclaimed,

“Oh, my God! No!”

to be continued...