It is about a bunch of friends in the woods get trapped in their sleep, and have to knock each other off to survive, and the overall result is a goofy, gory good time.

Trolls World Tour
Kid’s movie

The film expands the original’s universe by introducing new Troll tribes, each devoted to a particular musical genre.

The Vow

A look at the experiences of the members of the NXIVM, an organisation which made headlines for being charged with trafficking and racketeering conspiracy.

Whitmer Thomas: The Golden One
Standup comedy

The special revolves around the ache Thomas feels for his mother, the impact her death has had on him and his family, and some of the driest, shortest, funniest little jokes that are consistently surprising.

McFlY – Young Dumb Thrills
Music album

McFly have described their first full-length album in ten years as "naturally and quintessentially us"; an extension of their classic pop-rock sound updated for 2020.