Cobble Hill

Gossip Girl author Cecily von Ziegesar returns to New York in her new novel, Cobble Hill, but this time the focus isn't on fashionable teens. Instead, the author turns her attention to four families living in a wealthy neighbourhood where secrets are as plentiful as the one-upmanship among neighbours.


Margaret Atwood is a master storyteller who is known for novels and short stories, but she's a poet as well. In Dearly, Atwood uses poetry to delve into life's most complex issues, covering everything from the nature of love to the heartbreak of loss – and she somehow still makes time for an ode to zombies.

The Factory Witches of Lowell

C.S. Malerich's wholly unique novel The Factory Witches of Lowell mixes witchcraft with the quest for fair wages as a group of female mill workers go on strike in Lowell. This isn't the first strike that Judith Whittier has taken part in, so when she suspects the other women might waver, she enlists the help of her friend and potential first love, to use a little magic to keep them on the picket line.