Fans think Billie Eilish’s ‘Therefore I Am’ music video is a message to haters

The artist dropped her song, Therefore I Am, and fans couldn't help but wonder if she was sending a subtle message to her trolls. In the music video, Eilish could be seen running throughout an empty mall and stopping at a number of fast-food places. As fans may recall, the Bad Guy star was body-shamed recently. Many followers were quick to come to Eilish's defense, and the five-time Grammy winner posted a video about "normalising real bodies." This wasn't the first time Eilish had been targeted, either. Now, fans are wondering if Therefore I Am is Eilish's way of shutting down these shamers and reminding them that she's living her best life on her own terms. Of course, her lyrics also speak for themselves. During a recent interview with Apple Music's Zane Lowe, Eilish said, "It was fun to record, especially because it's, like, I feel like you can hear it. You know that, like, 'Stop. What the hell are you talking about?'" Eilish added. "It's like, come on. It's so real. I feel like a natural and, you know, don't take me seriously? I love it."