Shaniera Akram

Pakistan is a country of incredible cuisine there is no argument there, but when it comes to nutrition we are living in the dark ages and most of us don’t even know it! #HealthEducationPreventsDisease #WorldDiabetesDay2020


So done with #Covid it needs to just leave us alone now. Please God let 2021 be better #sickofit

Haroon Rashid

Please share this with your British Pakistani friends and family, especially your parents and grandparents who might not speak English. It's our responsibility to make sure they understand exactly what the lockdown rules are in England right now. And please be kind to my Urdu.

Ushna Shah

#maggiesmith is divine brilliance personified. The delivery, expressions, the nuances!

Ali Zafar

Our leading play back singer Waris Baig sahab’s son Ammar Baig releases his rendition of When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars. COVER by Ammar Baig

Mehwish Hayat TI

A thrilling finale to the #HBLPSLV. A well deserved win for the Karachi Kings and a fitting tribute to their late coach, Dean Jones. He would really have been proud today! #PSL2020Final