SORPRESSSA! I know it’s been a challenging year but through it all it’s showed me the definition of the word RESILIENT, a song from #Smile and now an at home #OpenToBetter film courtesy of #CocaCola. This #collaboration is dedicated to all of you.

Katy Perry releases a new song and dedicates this fun collaboration to all the people who’ve been strong this year despite of the on-going pandemic.

I am highly concerned about the rising number of child abuse cases in Pakistan. I urge everyone to spread awareness regarding child abuse and stand as one to stop these horrific acts against the children. #StandAgainstChildAbuse #ChildAbuse #StopChildAbuse

Ahsan Khan urged everyone to raise their voice for the rapidly increasing child abuse cases in the country. It’s high time that we all unite and stand against this violence against our children.

Thank you to each and every cricketer, team and the whole crew for giving us such an amazing PSL completely in Pakistan for the first time. To many more cricket celebrations in Pakistan. Mubarak Karachi! Well played Lahore throughout.

Asim Azhar is delighted to have had the entire PSL season in Pakistan for the very first time. Like every citizen, the singer was amused to witness such a good display of cricket by our players.