Farhad Humayun granted stay against ‘Coca Cola’ Pakistan over copyright infringement

Justice is served

Good artists copy; great artists steal – as the saying goes. But what’s the difference between “tipping your hat” to another musician for inspiration, and their lawyer accusing you of copyright infringement? A few millions, potentially. Recently, Overload singer Farhad Humayun got caught up in a media storm of copyright and privacy law. Farhad claimed that Coca Cola Pakistan plagiarised his song Neray Aah for its recent TV commercial featuring Meesha Shafi’s vocals, announcing the season 13 of Coke Studio. According to him, the ad’s version of the song was not like the film version or the Coke Studio version performed by Rachel Viccaji and Overload, but it was an obvious copy of the band’s version of the song. Farhad took the issue to court and was soon granted stay against Coca Cola Pakistan by the Intellectual Property Rights Tribunal Lahore, for violating the copyright of his composition of the song Neray Aah in the TV commercial in question. “Respondents are restrained from using, exhibiting, displaying the song Neray Aah on any/all print, digital or social media platforms in any manner whatsoever,” read the news shared by the Overload singer himself.