Cokefest is all set to launch its first ever digital music festival

Going digital

Coca-Cola is planning to celebrate Pakistan’s first ever digital music festival, the CokeFest 2020, in a new and unique way. While the spread of Covid-19 posed a complete halt to organising live events or large public gatherings, Coca-Cola took the initiative to conceptualise a disruptive digital event for music lovers around the country by collaborating with Patari, being a popular online music streaming platform in Pakistan and Tapmad, Pakistan’s leading on-demand video streaming platform, to create a unique virtual experience offering engagement, musical performances and much more as a two-way interactive experience. The three-day event is scheduled to go live on November 20-22, 2020 and will be free for all to attend. Event attendees can expect to be mesmerised by leading names rocking the local music scene including the absolutely unbelievable nine-year-old Pakistani rapper Kaky Thou$and to the ethereal Natasha Baig following a line-up that will be oozing with top talent. Some of the other brilliant acts will include Sirine Jahangir, Shamoon Ismail, Young Stunners, ESharp, Abdullah Siddiqui and veteran rock star Ali Noor.