Bilal Maqsood directs new digital music series titled VELO Sound Station 2020

Musical ventures

The incredible, all-consuming power of watching a brilliant gig may be a pleasure that we’ll have to wait a few months to enjoy again. But to keep the fire burning for live music, veteran musician and Strings band-member Bilal Maqsood has curated and directed a new digital music series titled VELO Sound Station 2020. VELO Sound Station 2020 is spread over five episodes with two to three songs per session (14 songs in total). It is released every Friday and the first episode debuted on November 20, 2020. The first three artists featured on Friday November 20th's debut episode include Atif Aslam, Natasha Noorani and Umair Jaswal. Atif Aslam performed Naseebo Lal's all time famous song Kadi To Hans Bol. Atif’s powerhouse vocals added a captivating harmony to the rendition. Umair Jaswal also gave a modern twist to Alamgir Sahib’s classic version of Gagar. Umair’s vocals turned it into a fun and lively number with a great beat and punch. Gagar is definitely the party song of the year. While Atif and Umair both performed renditions, Natasha Noorani performed her original number titled Baby Baby. Her new number will definitely transport you to the 80s. It’s groovy and funky and it will surely make you want to hit the rewind button again and again. The upcoming episodes will be a mix of originals and covers, so watch out for the upcoming songs to be released on Friday November 27. Bilal Maqsood, while talking about the series said that, the upcoming series is "very audio-visual in terms of dynamics with pop fashion as an underlying theme; and songs with a very performance-based element to them with movement on stage and a surrounding, energetic crowd."