I have started night shift for work but even though I sleep throughout the day, I still feel really tired in the night and I can’t stay focused at work. I wanted to know what sort of foods/snacks/fruits are best for doing a night shift so that you feel energised most of the night?

It’s just the beginning that’s tough. Once you’re used to this routine you won’t feel like this. Also, get your vitamin D levels checked. Its deficiency can cause lethargy and sluggishness.

I've been suffering from an eating disorder for years. But I’ve started to eat healthy and in a limited amount since a year. I also walk a minimum of 15,000 steps a day, average at 20,000. How can I be gaining weight despite this?

Find out your maintenance calories, multiply them with your activity factor and then, add 300-500 calories in it. That’s your surplus. You need these much calories to gain weight.

My 14-year-old daughter is underweight. She likes most foods and eats a variety of all food groups. But, she develops aversions to foods quickly. Thoughts?

Keep on changing her meals. Add a lot of variety in her diet. I'm sure that’d help.

Hi, I’m a 24-year-old who does basic cardio exercises at home. But I have noticed something strange that when I workout and diet simultaneously, my weight doesn’t go down but when I workout and eat normally then I tend to lose weight. Does this mean I should stop dieting and only workout or vice versa?

You are not counting the calories correctly. Ask a dietitian for help. Or make sure you are counting every calorie.

Four months ago I got to know that I have celiac disease. I’m 32 years old and my skin colour is really pale and I look sick and am very skinny. I have strictly been eating gluten free and wheat free stuff but I still haven’t been able to look or feel healthy. Is there anything more I should be doing? Any medications or supplements?

Make sure that the gluten free options you are opting for are healthy. Include nutritious food items in your diet. Stay hydrated and start exercising. It helps with the glow.