Little Threats

Emily Schultz serves up a taut thriller in Little Threats. After spending 15 years in prison for allegedly murdering her best friend, Kennedy returns home to a media circus and inescapable doubt about what really happened in the woods the night she supposedly killed her friend. With new details about the case emerging, Kennedy is beginning to question everything – including her family and their motives.

What Kind of Woman

Even if poetry isn't your preferred genre, What Kind of Woman by Kate Baer will win you over. Baer uses poetry to examine what it means to be a woman in today's society, from the transformative experience of becoming a mother to the power of surrounding yourself with female friends. Her poems are powerful meditations on womanhood that you'll want to share with all the women in your life.

Do Not Disturb

Claire Douglas is a true must-read thriller author, and her latest, Do Not Disturb, is yet another reminder of just how good she is at putting the reader on the edge of their seat and keeping them there until the final page. Kirsty Woodhouse moves her family to Wales in hopes of escaping the trauma they experienced in London, but when her troublemaking cousin walks back into her life after 17 years, Kristy realises Wales isn't the safe haven she hoped it would be.