Holiday Home Makeover with Mr Christmas

  • 28 Nov - 04 Dec, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

Netflix gets into the home makeover genre with, Holiday Home Makeover. The series stars Benjamin Bradley, a designer also known as Mr Christmas. With his help, people in dire need of a Christmas miracle will get the perfect backdrop for their holiday gatherings. And Netflix is hoping you’ll spend some time with Mr Christmas. Each episode starts with Bradley getting a letter from someone in dire need of holiday magic. The first episode is all about the Sosoo family. Patrice and Kalvin is a couple raising young kids, and they’re ready to take on the responsibility of hosting Christmas festivities. The problem: Patrice’s mom, herself a Christmas super fan, isn’t ready to hand over the hosting reins just yet. To bring some of the magic into your home, Bradley gives a few to-camera crafting tutorials to help spruce up your season. It succeeds as a celebration of the holidays and it succeeds as a makeover show, albeit quite possibly the first makeover show where the impact is not meant to be permanent. Holiday Home Makeover is quite possibly the first holiday anything to get into the actual stressors that come to visit every holiday season. We all know that’s part of the holiday season, and it’s great to see real people voice these feelings.