Easily the greatest footballer to grace the pitch ever. #DiegoMaradona is the man my generation will always identify the sport with. You shone the brightest. May you find peace in the other world. Goodbye, legend.

Adnan Siddiqui along with many other celebrities from around the world came forward to pay homage to the best footballer ever in the history of football. Diego Maradona indeed was and will forever be a legend!

A picture that speaks a 1000 words. @Ahsankhanuk hugs @faysalquraishi daughter Ayaat as she presents him with a memento for his work on #stopchildabuse @catwalk_cares conference. Faysal has been amazing in promoting the need to fight against child abuse Thank you for bringing Ayaat.

Frieha Altaf organised a conference on child abuse where many celebrities graced the event with their presence and raised their voices on how important it is to speak up against child abuse now.

Here is it! For all my Sindhi brothers and sisters and the artisans of #Ajrak. We all need to work together in preserving and promoting our Sindhi cultural heritage. Make it a trend for Sindh! #Allay #JiyeSindh #SindhiCultureDay2020

Ali Zafar on account of Sindh Cultural Day 2020 released a new song to pay tribute to the strong cultural heritage that Sindh holds. The song started trending after a few hours of its release.