Elevating the style quotient in Sabaat

Hello there! Unless you've spent quarantine living under a rock (which, if you have, can we join you?), you've probably at least heard about the recent show Sabaat. It follows a young arrogant woman belonging to the elite family class who is controlling and egoistic, but it also boasts some of the most amazing fashion moments of 2020. Now, fashion is totally subjective, but here are our most favourite outfits Miraal wore throughout the show:

1- Miraal is giving us some major French girl vibes here with an all-white outfit and a pink purse. The braided hair are just adding to the look.

2- This look is a bit everywhere but it kind of works. It has been refined into something fashionable. It's creative and we’re very into that.

3- If we owned this coat, we’re not sure we would ever take it off, even to sleep. Plus the all black underneath? Genius.

4- Okay, we’re actually obsessed with this mini purse! The denim jumpsuit is equally chic. We’re so here for this look.

5- J'adore! This is one of our favourite Miraal outfits. The sneakers, simple black jeans and tee, and a gorgeous shrug shawl feels oh-so-effortlessly cool.