Our guide to braids

The best celeb inspired braids hairstyles to try now
  • 05 Dec - 11 Dec, 2020
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There are braids, and then there are BRAIDS. It doesn't matter whether you can re-create these braided hairstyles (or even know how to braid hair for that matter), they're so intricate and so cool, they're simply just fun to look at. That's where the looks below come in.

These braid ideas, all spotted in recent years on celebrities, run the gamut in terms of doability, but they most certainly fall squarely under the category of Can't Look Away. From protective styles like box braids to Rapunzel braids to whatever the heck celebrity hairstylist managed to pull off (oh, you'll see), here are the braided hairstyles that'll make you want to work on your dexterity – if even to finally master a braided bun.

The long fishtail braid

The great thing about a fishtail braid is that you can sport it for almost any occasion. Dressed up or dressed down, it's a simple yet elegant look. Fishtails do not need to be very neat and polished. Fishtail braids can be loose, casual, ordinary and still remain cute. This loose fishtail of Kendall is a good example of relaxed style.

The braided chignon

The messy yet soft hairstyle gives an elegant spin to the regular bun updo. To achieve this look, first part your hair into two sections. Then, french braid each section towards the back of your head. When these two braid are complete, cross them together and create a low bun. Once the low bun is created, tug on the braids a bit to loosen your hair and give it a soft, easy look. Complete your look with a bold earring that pops like Olivia Wilde did.

The headband braid with loose waves

Molly Sim's gorgeous bedhead waves compliment her golden headband braid. To get the headband look, grab a section of your hair from right below your ear, and begin french braiding up towards your forehead. Complete the look by styling the rest of your hair into loose waves like Molly's.

The messy side braid

The messy side braid is youthful and fun, as we can see from Lucy Hale's bright look. And what's even better is that it's so simple to do! So if you're in a rush but still want a cool, edgy sort of look – go for this braid. And pull out a few strands of hair after you're done braiding as well. The messier, the better.

The faux shaved side braid

So you want to look edgy, but you don't want to go as risky as Cassie and shave the side of your head off? We totally get it. To still get the look without all the hair loss, try the faux shaved side braid like Cara Delevingne. Start with a dramatic side part with about 3/4 of your hair left to the side you want down. Then braid the remaining side downwards, placing the pieces under each other as you go. As you are braiding, keep grabbing more hair from under the braid to get that tight, pulled-back look.

The braided French twist

This updo looks complicated, but it's worth all the fuss. To get this classy Kate Bosworth look, start by braiding your hair back into a French braid at an angle. When you have reached the back, gather your hair up into a French twist. Pair it with a delicate earring for even more elegance.

The ponytail braids

Tired of the same boring ponytail? Take some tips from Maria Menounos and add some classic plaits to your ponytail to spice it up a bit. Wrap your hair around your ponytail like Maria to achieve that natural, nonchalant look.

The mohawk braid

This daring hairstyle will definitely turn heads. To get this edgy look, tease your hair straight back. Then, create an inside out French braid down the middle. Check out Selena Gomez's French braid mohawk that she rocked out at the MTV Movie Awards.

The multibraid updo

If you've gone braid crazy like us, then you have to try this hairstyle at least once. With all of the braids in this 'do, you'll definitely need help styling this one. Take a look at how Emma Watson rocked her braided updo accompanied by a stylish tweed Chanel dress.

The double French braids

Rita Ora is definitely a fan of braids. She's been seen rocking French braids many times. But this double braided look puts a twist on the classic hairstyle. This neat, trendy look can accompany a versatile amount of outfit choices. From a night look with bright, bold lipstick like Rita or a daytime rendezvous with a fresh faced look.

The back braid updo

This retro-inspired look brings a bunch of different hairstyles into one. Props to Alicia Keys for rocking this one with class. Instead of the normal braid updo, this look takes a spin on it and features an inside braid on the back of the head. The rolls and the pompadour in the front make this hairstyle even more adventurous and unique, as if the awesome braid wasn't enough.