Indoor workouts to get you moving in the colder months
  • 05 Dec - 11 Dec, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

You’re not imagining it. Winter is actually here. There’s no daylight when your alarm clock goes off, you’ve logged more miles than you’d like to count on the dreadmill, and – duh – it’s really cold out there. It’s no surprise that any motivation to get outdoors and work up a sweat has gone the way of the groundhog and buried itself until spring. But don’t let the season be an excuse to stray from those resolutions and lose your workout mojo. We’ve rounded up our favourite calorie-busting workouts that can be done indoors to get through the colder months. And who knows – you might even find a workout you’ll want to do all year long.

Ride it out

So the idea of wiping out on black ice or feeling the cold breeze freeze your face while bike riding isn’t appealing? Spinning, also called indoor cycling, might be for you. This intense indoor cycling can burn up to hundreds of calories and keep bones strong. Interval-based rides will also strengthen the butt, thighs, calves, and even the core. No helmet necessary.

Lap it up

It’s never too early to dig up that swimsuit. Head to your gym or any indoor pool to get in a few solid swims before summer hits. This low-impact exercise lets athletes exercise longer without excess muscle strain, and might even beat yoga when it comes to improving breathing technique. Bonus: An improved mood, and a leaner physique to boot.

Hit a wall

An indoor rock climbing wall, that is. This non-traditional cardio workout really hits the mark for those who want to exercise their mental strength (what happens to my legs if my arms go here?). But it’s about physical prowess as well – scaling indoor walls will increase heart rates and torch up to 650 calories per hour. Not only does it work the arm muscles, it activates the legs, back, and shoulders as well.

Lace up

Ice skating isn’t just for kids. If it’s too cold for outdoor skating to be fun, head to your local indoor rink to carve up the ice. Aside from being super fun, skating tones the legs, core, and butt, along with smaller, stabilising muscles that assist with balance and coordination. At a moderate pace, ice skating also burns about 500 calories per hour (and that’s not counting those bonus points for jumps and spins!).

Just dance

Though barre-based workouts were a hit in the 70s, it wasn’t until the past few years that they skyrocketed in popularity – and with good reason. The ballet-inspired moves combine elements of yoga, Pilates, and weight training to lengthen and tone muscles. And guys, don’t be shy. While the moves generally use just bodyweight and the barre, you’ll be surprised at just how challenging the classes can be. No studios nearby? You can find many videos on YouTube which can be great at-home alternatives (just substitute a chair for the barre).

Get your gloves up

Make like Rocky and get to a kick boxing class. A few rounds in the ring provide a full-body workout as you duck, block, and throw punches. And because the moves focus on cardio and conditioning to keep stamina up in the ring, you’ll tone muscles rather than bulking up. The winning card: Technique is more important than experience, so it’s okay to be a newbie.

Zen out

Give your mind and body a workout with yoga. Believed to reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue, yoga also improves strength and flexibility through a variety of asanas (or poses). It’s also an ideal indoor cross-training activity for more cardio-intense activities like running. From Vinyasa flow to hot and sweaty Bikram yoga, there’s a style to suit just about anyone’s needs and interests.

Jump on it

Unleash the kid in you and hop to the nearest trampoline. This bouncy childhood favourite is the latest fitness craze, and not just because it’s super fun. Just six minutes of cardio moves on a trampoline is the equivalent to running, oh, about a mile. And thanks to the trampoline’s low-impact cushioning, joints are protected as you jump up and down. Try a local trampoline class or visit a trampoline park like to bust a move.

Dodge balls

As in, play a game of dodgeball. A gym class favourite, the game is a fun way to get moving with a group of friends. It’s not all fun and games, though. Dodgeball delivers a surprisingly good cardio workout, moving in all planes of motion as you duck and fly over your opponent’s strikes. After a few vigorous games, you might find yourself more sore than expected – hopefully not from a ball to the forehead (ouch!).