Snapchat officially launches in-app TikTok competitor called Spotlight


Snap is finally ready to compete with TikTok and will pay creators to post on the platform. The company is officially announcing a new section of Snapchat called Spotlight that’ll surface vertical video content from users that’s more meme-like and jokey instead of the day-in-the-life content Snap previously encouraged. To entice people to post snaps regularly, the company says it’ll divvy up $1 million between the most popular creators on the app per day through the end of 2020. This means if someone has a particularly viral video, they might earn a large chunk of the $1 million pot. It doesn’t matter whether that person has a massive number of subscribers; the amount people receive is primarily based on unique views compared to other snaps that day. Users can continue to earn from their video if it’s popular for multiple days at a time. Spotlight, which will have its own dedicated tab in the app, is launching in 11 countries. Although the format will be familiar to anyone who’s ever watched TikTok, Snap says it’s made specific decisions based on its user base. For one, Spotlight snaps won’t feature a public comments section, and profiles themselves are private by default, so Snapchatters can keep their accounts locked down while still posting content.

Fortnite is getting a monthly $12 subscription for exclusive in-game items

A new season of Fortnite is almost here, and alongside it, developer Epic is introducing a monthly subscription service called Fortnite Crew. For $11.99 each month Fortnite players will get 1,000 Vbucks (Fortnite’s in-game currency), an exclusive character skin and gear, and access to the current season’s battle pass. You can get a look at the first character offering in the image above. In essence, the new offering serves as a higher tier for those looking to spend some cash on Fortnite. Previously, this function was served by the battle pass, which costs 950 Vbucks (around $10) but lasts for several months. Fortnite Crew is much more expensive but also offers more – including the enticement of exclusivity. Epic says that the cosmetics available as part of the subscription service “will never be sold or given away to non-Crew members.” Fortnite’s current season kicked off back in August, introducing a slew of Marvel characters and locations. It’s slated to end with the game’s latest big live event, which will take place in December.