Maya Ali

The wait is finally over! Here's presenting the first look of the much-awaited #PehliSiMuhabbat @ItsSheheryar

Junaid khan

I finally got some time off to watch #BreakingBad. A show I had always heard of being a great one but never got around to watching it in the past. But Alas! Finally got time to watch it and boy I'm hooked.


Yes, that’s my beautiful Pakistan! P.s. Was there only a few weeks ago, already craving to go back to the enthralling Gilgit-Baltistan and its warmest people!

Ali Rehman Khan

Galactic Federation? I wonder why Pakistan wasn’t included in this. US doesn’t even like ‘aliens’ *tada dum dum tis*

Ali Zafar

Wah G #Tiktokers seemed to love #Allay. Been receiving so many of these. You can post yours under this. Celebrating Sindh in style! I like!! #Allay #SindhiCultureDay2020 #jiyesindh #tiktok


Getting abusive messages regarding shutting down trolls and reclaiming my space. Would you believe it, all are from fake accounts; this is how brave they are.