Health experts say that the virus has mutated itself, the new strain is unable to be detected in some tests and it seems to last longer. I’m experiencing this. It’s lasting longer with acute symptoms. Stay safe people. Please. It’s lethal and scary. #CoronaVirus

Actress Mariyam Nafees who recently tested positive for the novel coronavirus, advices people to be careful with the SOP’s as the virus has become lethal and is now unable to get detected in some cases.

Aayyyyy! Well that’s going to be fun to watch. Break dancing confirmed as Olympic sport for 2024 Paris Games. It’s like watching dance movies. But in real… #BreakDancingForTheWin

According to latest reports, break dance is now confirmed as an Olympic sport for the 2024 Paris Games and Kubra Khan just couldn’t contain her excitement on the news.

It is time to remember the frightful number of people who died in the Kashmir Genocide. It is time to recall the respect for human rights. #KashmirProgram

Fahad Mustafa supports the rights of Kashmiri people who are being suppressed by our neighbouring country. It is now important for all of us to raise our voices for them.