Angela’s Christmas Wish

  • 19 Dec - 25 Dec, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

Netflix continues to expand upon the franchise with a second animated spinoff, Angela’s Christmas Wish. Young Angela (voice of Lucy O’Connell), her three siblings and her Mam (Ruth Negga) bid their dear Da (Moe Dunford) adieu as he boards a boat for a long journey to Australia. It’s Christmas Eve, and Angela is talking to the plaster Baby Jesus she stole back in Angela’s Christmas because she was worried he was cold in church. Notably, Baby Jesus is wearing a sweater now. Angela yearns for a fancy doll in the window display in the local toy and hosiery shop and, like a typical kid, kind of won’t shut up about it. Her yearnings may not be feasible, because the family appears to be a bit financially strapped. Angela and her brother Tom (Oscar Butler) decide they’ll surprise Mam by finding a way to bring Da home, and their initial instinct to grab a spade and start digging perhaps reflects their geographical ignorance. It all works, somehow. Angela’s Christmas Wish is a comedy despite the difficult everyday realities of its protagonists. Although it definitely stinks for Angela’s family to be without their dad/husband, this is all pretty low-stakes and conflicts range from Angela and Tom being too loud in the library to their playing hide-and-seek behind coal piles.