The Woman in White

While white may be the most repeated colour in our wardrobes and the most frequently used neutral hue, it is also tricky to pull off if worn in its entirety. Here are some celebrity inspirations that show best how to dress in white this season.

Effortless statement at its best

Make a note – Your wardrobe should include staples like statement dupattas, earrings, head jewellery and accessories, like shades, belts and bags. This would actually save you time while creating new looks from your closet and money, while making more dresses.

The metallic sheen

Metallic shades, like copper, gold, bronze, silver, all pair terrifically well with white. Play smart; use the metallic details on border and cuffs in a way that you can replace it with borders and cuffs of a different colour later, and voila! You have a new outfit.

Cut it with style

Let’s face it – there are some cuts that only look good on lighter shades because that is the only way they can be seen and appreciated, like cut work. If you are the kind of person who likes to focus on cuts rather than colours, then experimenting with them on white is the way to go.

Bold & beautiful

If you are worried about being able to pull off a bold lip colour or an accessory that seems a tad bit out there, then pairing it with a white outfit will give you the best chance of trying it out. Neon, pastel, wine shades, goth – anything and everything goes with white, you just name it!

Bring on the funk

Wearing a neutral colour that doesn’t dull down our look or over shadow it, gives us the opportunity to get our funkiest of jewellery out and pair it with the most colourful, floral printed statement pieces.

Go mono

Black makes perhaps the most effectively and effortlessly stylish pair with white. Everyone should own at least a couple of black and white outfits in their closet for times when you want to make a statement without really trying much.

Drop the pop

Bright and bold hues look their best when paired against neutral colours. When dressing with white, you get the chance to use all the neon articles from your wardrobe that otherwise might appear loud.